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How to Make Banana Juice Drinks

Mustofa C.R

How to Make Banana Juice Drinks

How to make banana juice drinks so everyone can process them. However, it is uncertain whether to make it taste good. Banana is a fruit that contains lots of vitamins in it. The fruit is very healthy so it is widely consumed by the community.

Recipe for Making Banana Juice

Recipe for how to make banana juice which contains content consisting of beta carotene, vitamin C, phosphorus, sodium, copper, iron, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, zinc and calcium. Banana fruit has many benefits for health as well as for beauty.

Bananas can also help minimize nicotine addiction, because of the B6 and B12 content in bananas. The iron content in bananas is useful for preventing anemia. If you want to make banana juice with a delicious taste, then you can create it with other fruits. With various other fruits, banana juice will taste more delicious and fresher.

At this time we will share how to make a delicious banana juice recipe. Please see the ingredients as well as the steps for making healthy banana juice as below.

The ingredients you need to make banana juice are:

  1. 55 grams of ripe bananas,
  2. 55 grams of ripe mangoes,
  3. 55 grams of red tomatoes,
  4. 15 grams of starfruit
  5. 3 tablespoons of liquid sugar
  6. ½ cup of yogurt
  7. shaved ice according to your taste.

Then the steps to make it are as follows:

  1. The first step to making juice is to mix the fruit by peeling the whole fruit then weigh the same. If it's difficult, you can cut it evenly.
  2. Then, cut all the fruit that you want to blend consisting of bananas, tomatoes, mangoes and starfruit, then put them in the blender.
  3. Next, so that the juice has a sweet taste and smells good, you can add syrup. You can choose the syrup according to what you want. Then add the yogurt, and start to mash the
  4. The banana juice process is complete and you can prepare it in a tall glass, then add shaved ice on top to add to the fresh taste of the banana juice. Good luck.