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How to make Mozzarella Corn Dog at home

Mustofa C.R

Corn Dog Recipe

A delicious and popular street food snack at that time was Corndog, a type of snack that was very popular with Korean drama lovers. Because often these roadside snacks stop by every episode.

So, making your own corn dog is not that difficult, moms. It only requires a few simple materials and tools. Be such a delicious corn dog. If you want to try making corn dogs at home, of course you can, just with the tricks and recipes from the following top tours:

The ingredients needed to make delicious Corn Dog:

  1. Mozzarella cheese
  2. Potato sticks
  3. 2 Chicken sausages
  4. 250 grams Wheat flour
  5. 1 chicken egg
  6. Baking powder
  7. Pepper smooth
  8. 1 box Ultra milk
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Oregano
  11. Ice Cream

Stick Just how to make a Corndog at home:

  1. Prepare a container to mix several ingredients such as wheat flour, salt and pepper. stir until evenly distributed. then add more baking powder and oregano. stir again until evenly distributed. Finally, add the eggs, then stir again.
  2. The dough is evenly distributed, add the UHT liquid milk to the dough while stirring, stirring. Put the corn dog mixture in the freezer first.
  3. Prepare other ingredients such as mozzarella which is cut into small pieces, potatoes as well and sausage as well. Mama can cut it according to taste, but it's best to be diced.
  4. Prepare chicken or meat sausage (preferably a large sausage), cut it into pieces (if you use a large sausage) and adjust the length of the cheese mozzarella.
  5. Prepare the skewer, then plug in the mozzarella sausage until the end of the stick. do this until the sausage or mozzarella ingredients run out.
  6. Take the dough in the freezer earlier, then dip the corn dog sticks in the mixture. Mix all the pieces together until nothing remains. then give the diced potato.
  7. Prepare a non-stick skillet and heat the cooking oil over medium heat, fry the ready-made corn dogs one by one. Fry until it changes color, and the corndog is ready to be removed then drain.
  8. Serve warm, because the melted mozzarella cheese makes the bite sensation even more delicious. Mama can also add mayonnaise as a companion or chili sauce is also okay.