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Special Thai Cassava Recipe

Mustofa C.R
Thai cassava is a familiar menu heard by many people. Maybe you just heard it.

How to Process Thai Cassava Recipes

Thai cassava is the name of one type of food that is made from cassava. Thai cassava has a delicious taste. If you look at a glance, Thai cassava is the same as the cassava compote menu. However, the process of making it is not the same.

If the coconut milk compote is added with brown sugar, and for processing Thai cassava the coconut milk is separated, it is also thicker. In addition, cassava Thailand uses coconut milk sauce with sugar where the appearance of this menu is white and also clean.

Thai cassava is used as a type of cassava which has a soft and sticky texture. The Thai cassava texture for this type of cake will have a more special taste.

If you usually find it easy to find Thai cassava traders in many snack places, now you can do many variations in making Thai cassava in your own home. Because the ingredients needed and the way are easy to practice.

You can make Thai cassava into foods that have a delicious and delicious taste which can be used for relaxing with friends. Below is a discussion of the recipe from Thai cassava.

Thai Cassava Recipe

The ingredients that you must prepare in processing Thai cassava are:

  1. 1 kg of cassava which has a soft texture
  2. 160 grams of sugar can also suit your taste
  3. 1 teaspoon salt
  4. 750 ml of water
  5. 3 pandan leaves

Then the next step is the ingredients for coconut milk:

  1. 2 cities is equivalent to 200 ml
  2. 150 ml of water
  3. Salt a little
  4. 3 pandan leaves

Then the next steps to make it are as follows:

  1. Your first step is to make coconut milk sauce first by adding all the ingredients of the coconut milk to a boil. If you have lifted it and let the coconut milk cool first.
  2. Then the second is the cassava cut according to your wishes and don't forget to clean it first. Then boil it with water and pandan leaves
  3. Add salt and then we wait until it's a little soft
  4. If you have added sugar and cooked until the water is reduced. If the water is reduced and the taste of Thai cassava is what you want. Turn off the fire sign.
  5. You can also take a plate with a serving bowl, prepare Thai cassava. Then you pour it with coconut milk sauce and garnish it with the remaining pandanus pieces.
  6. The Thai cassava that you make is ready to be served and eaten with family or friends.

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