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Tired of Processed Bananas That's All? Try Making Melted Chocolate Bananas

Mustofa C.R

Melted Chocolate Banana

Yes. So true. Bananas actually can be processed into various variants. It's just that it takes skill to do it. Then? How about new learners? Relax, you can start with small things first. Like what will be shared at this time.

Make chocolate fried bananas melted.

Just jump, as usual, to the materials and tools first.


  1. 1 banana comb. (Could use a king. Something just tastes)
  2. Chocolate bar (If you don't like the taste of chocolate, you can use cheese)
  3. Wheat flour
  4. Salt
  5. Panir flour (Can be used or not. However, serving suggestions, better use crispy agar)
  6. Oil

After ingredients, now tools


  1. Knife
  2. Straw (Use a straw that is slightly wide, long, and hard)
  3. Baking tin
  4. Cauldron
  5. Stove

How to make

  1. Remove the bananas from the comb first. If so, don't peel the skin immediately. Wash it first. Washed with the skin.
  2. Once clean, drain and start chopping.
  3. Cut both ends of the banana. Just a little. Two centimeters minimum.
  4. Both ends of the banana have been cut, it's time for the straw to work.
  5. Remove the banana hearts using a straw. Prick, until it comes out all. At a minimum, the holes between one and the other in the banana are connected.
  6. Once connected (Make sure looking at it as if looking through binoculars) input the chocolate. (The chocolate should be diced to the size of the banana hole that you made. Don't put it too full. 5 or 7 pieces of chocolate, that's enough.
  7. When all the bananas are filled with chocolate bars, then the bananas are peeled from the skin.
  8. Prepare a baking sheet. Add salt and flour to taste. Add water. Take it off, stir. Don't let it run too thin. Could be less crispy later.
  9. After that, put the banana into the wet mixture. Stir gently, then roll it into the flour. Do it until well blended.
  10. It can be fried immediately. You can also put it in the refrigerator first, so that the flour is more sticky.
  11. Fried, heat the oil first.
  12. Bananas are ready to be served.

Easy right?
Good luck!