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Practical Ways to make Bubble Tea Drinks

Mustofa C.R

 Bubble Tea Drinks

Bubble tea is a type of drink that is consumed by many people. This type of drink is made from the basic ingredients of tea, milk and boba. But along with the times, nowadays Bubble Tea drinks are not only served with one flavor variant.

There are several flavors that you can choose if you want to consume this drink. These flavors consist of jasmine, matcha, and so on. Meanwhile, making this drink can be done in an easy way.

Because, making Bubble Tea drinks only needs to prepare a few ingredients including the following:

Bubble Tea Ingredients

  1. Prepare enough brown sugar and water
  2. Other ingredients are tapioca flour and powdered tea

From the materials described above. You can make this drink in the following ways:

How to Make Bubble Tea Drinks?

  1. The first way to make Bubble Tea is to mix finely ground brown sugar with tapioca flour. Then stir evenly.
  2. After the two ingredients are mixed, add enough water to make it chewy. Then stir again evenly until chewy and in the form of a dough.
  3. Then shape the dough roundly according to the desired bubble size.
  4. Then boil again the finely ground brown sugar, and wait for it to boil.
  5. Next, enter the bubble that has been rounded into the boiling pot of boiling sugar water. Bubble boil in about 20 minutes.
  6. After the Bubble is cooked, then remove and drain and cool first.
  7. After Bubble is made, the next step is to make tea. The way that needs to be done is to boil the tea powder with water in a saucepan and wait for it to boil.
  8. Next, put the Bubble that you made earlier into a container that is already filled with tea.
  9. Then chill the Bubble tea and don't forget to add sweetened condensed milk for flavor.
  10. Finally, mix well and Bubble Tea is ready to serve.